His last bow



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During World War I, a young british soldier asked Arthur Conan Doyle what was he doing with Sherlock Holmes to help in war effort. That encounter is supposed to be the inspiration behind the story of “His Last Bow”, in which the detective cancelled his retirement in order to reunite with his loyal friend Dr. Watson for their very last challenge, unmasking a german spy. Seven additional stories, originally published in The Stand Magazine, relate previous episodes to the detective’s grand finale. “The Adventures of Bruce-Partington” also involve him in espionage, this time in a previous context and in relation to the recovery of stolen submarine planes. Other mysteries find Watson and Holmes chasing a deposed dictator, unraveling a passionate crime, tracking a syndicate of foreign criminals, mocking a poisoner, investigating the disappearance of a heiress, which interrupted her vacation in Cornualles to solve a diabolic case involving murder and madness.

Arthur Conan Doyle

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