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Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams introduced his ground-breaking theory of the unconscious and explored how interpreting dreams can reveal the true nature of humanity.
Regarded as Freud’s most significant work, this classic text helped establish the discipline of psychology and is the foundational work in the field of psychoanalysis.
The complexity, mystery, and confusion of dreams have fascinated humanity since the dawn of man. For Sigmund Freud, however, dreams were not so much complex and mysterious as they were insightful and ripe for examination. In Freud’s view, dreams are not a random collection of images and mental stimuli — they are the meaningful interplay of wish fulfilment and psychological inhibition. In his work on dream psychology and interpretation, Freud explores this interplay that fascinated him so. He examines what we are really experiencing when we dream and what these sequences of nocturnal hallucination say about our own lives and outlook on the world. Writing at the dawn of a new century, Freud’s contributions to the spheres of psychology and psychotherapy were already growing in influence, both within his native Vienna and further afield. Revered by many, and reviled by some, the ideas of Sigmund Freud continue to make their presence felt in the psychological understanding of the present day.


Freud, Sigmund

Freud, Psychology, Dreams

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