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Meditations is a personal diary written by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. It was written primarily as a source of personal guidance and philosophical reflection for the emperor himself, but its lasting impact and widespread popularity have made it one of the great works of Stoic philosophy. The book is divided into twelve books, each consisting of short reflections and musings on various aspects of life, such as death, the meaning of existence, human relationships, and the nature of the universe. Throughout the book, Marcus emphasizes the importance of living a virtuous life, detached from worldly distractions, and focused on wisdom, justice, and fortitude. He encourages readers to cultivate a peaceful mind, accepting whatever happens and concentrating on what is within one’s control. In addition to its philosophical insights, Meditations is also notable for portraying Marcus as a Stoic philosopher-king. It provides a unique glimpse into the mind and values of one of the most powerful leaders in Roman history and reveals the central role that Stoicism played in shaping the emperor’s character and worldview. The work continues to be widely read and studied by scholars and general readers alike, and it is considered one of the foundational works of Western philosophy.


Aurelius, Marcus

Estoicos; Estoicismo

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