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“THINK AND GROW RICH Secrets Revealed!
Napoleon Hill often reminds us that “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” This book offers you, the student, a great conglomerate of teachers who will guide you on your journey, perhaps teachers with kindred souls, with the full conviction and certainty of having discovered and applied the “”secret”” of Think and Grow Rich in their lives. And not only that, but they have managed to improve their lives due to the reading and application of this profound work. At the end of this book, Napoleon Hill quotes Emerson with the following words: “If we have anything in common, we will have found each other through these pages.” Likewise, if you are a sincere seeker of the “”secret”” —that Dr. Hill promises to deliver in his book—, you will identify with these great contributors to The Path to Riches as family members who will guide you in the right direction. Each one has contributed freely, without compensation for his time and talent, to assist him in his search for his truth. They each went the extra mile to contribute the “”secret”” they discovered, in the hope that they will serve as clues on their journey to achieving wealth in their lives. I want you to build a special relationship with our contributors and, particularly, thank to each one of them for helping you discover the “”secret”” to success!
Always try to be better
Judith Williamson
Director of the Napoleon Hill World Teaching Center

Millions of people have read Think and Grow Rich, the best-selling self-help book of all time, but most don’t discover the “”secret”” that promises to be hidden on every page. This observation is based on the enormous number of questions that the Napoleon Hill Foundation receives on this subject. When you pass a vacant lot or a dilapidated building, what do you see? An area full of weeds, brush, and trash, or do you see a playground, a beautiful house, a bank or a store? The difference between a parcel of land worth $20,000 or $2,000,000 depends on the creative vision. Of course, the financial rewards are only a small part of the reason why we need to Think and Grow Rich. To see the “”secret”” we will need our imagination and the realization that we all have the ability to come up with ideas, make plans, and take the actions necessary to see ideas come to life. Without these action steps, ideas are just dreams that may make us feel good but are of little value for the future.
Don Green
Executive Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation


Hill, Napoleon; Williamson, Judith

riqueza; negocios; liderazgo,

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